why reveal?

Because candidates are multifaceted.

Reveal, using C-fit technology, looks at each person as an individual and what they bring to the workplace. Reveal is the only HR tech provider that offers an easy to learn software application offering job-specific assessments.

Research & Development

Supported by 50 Years of Research & Development

We make assessing human potential simple, fast, and illuminating. Reveal takes over 50 years of research and development into the DNA of what a successful candidate looks like for specific job titles – and makes connections to well-defined elements of human success, to perform these jobs.

Top Right to Bottom Left

Illuminating Experience Powered by C-fit™ Technology

Using C-fit™ technology, Reveal delivers a powerful way to gain deeper insights about candidates during the employee life-cycle. Whether you are assessing new hires or employees, C-fit™ uncovers many of the complexities of an individual by measuring personality traits, stylistic tendencies, cognitive style/ability, problem solving and decision making.

C-fit Technology
Elegant & Intuitive Platform

Elegant & Intuitive Platform

Reveal is one of the most innovative application/database tools available today. We provide a mobile-ready candidate experience, experience is the full-color, easy-to-read, competency-based report that supports you in your hiring, evaluating and/or promoting talent throughout the employee lifecycle.

The Reveal Guarantee

We are so confident in Reveal and what it will do for you and your company, that if your ASSESSED candidate turns over in 120 days,
we will credit any assessments used in that hire. No questions asked.