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Assessments by Industry

The Professional and Technical Services category includes industries such as healthcare, information technology, and education. These industries often require a high level of education and specialized training, and their work is typically focused on knowledge-based tasks.

The Manufacturing and Service Industries category includes industries such as manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and government. These industries require a range of skills, from customer service to logistics management, and their work is typically focused on delivering goods and services to consumers or other businesses.

Construction Worker

Human Resources

  • Executive recruitment and staffing
  • Employee benefits and compensation
  • Talent development and training
  • HR consultants


  • Banking and financial institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Risk management and compliance
  • Accounting and auditing firms


  • Charitable efforts
  • Testing for public safety
  • Scientific research
  • Children’s and animal advocacy


  • Multifamily housing
  • Healthcare
  • Technology-related
  • Manufacturing


  • Brick-and-mortar stores
  • Online and e-commerce retailers
  • Consumer goods manufacturers and distributors
  • Luxury goods and fashion brands


  • Hotels and resorts
  • Restaurants and food service providers
  • Travel and tourism companies
  • Event planning and management firms

Information Technology

  • Software development and IT consulting firms
  • Data analytics and business intelligence providers
  • Cloud computing and infrastructure companies
  • Cybersecurity and network management firms


  • Federal agencies, including defense and intelligence departments
  • State and local government departments, including law enforcement and public safety
  • Public utilities and transportation authorities
  • Non-profit organizations and community services


  • Long-term care facilities
  • Home health and hospice
  • Behavioral health
  • Rehabilitation centers


  • Aerospace and defense
  • Automotive
  • Chemicals and plastics
  • Electronics and semiconductors
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Is Reveal a valid assessment?2023-04-18T17:38:43-07:00

Reveal is a valid assessment because it uses standard, normative data results to produce the competencies. In addition, it uses a 3-6 assessment combination to calculate the scores for each competency.

Each of these are valid as a stand-alone assessment. When used in combination, the validity is increased and basically compounds. The assessments used in the Reveal application have been researched and tested for hiring bias and can confidently be used to predict performance.

Research supports using a multi-measure assessment process to improve hiring decisions. Reveal is among the few valid multi-measure assessment offerings to produce a competency score per job type. This offers a job fit score that predicts performance and will improve hiring practices for your organization.

How do I know that Reveal results provide a valid assessment to make my hiring decisions?2023-04-18T17:38:55-07:00

Reveal uses valid and reliable assessments in the battery of assessments available. Depending on the job type, Hiring Indicators chooses a combination of the available assessments to develop a sophisticated and rich analysis of each job and produces an easy to understand result for each competency defined for that position.

In addition, Reveal offers a summary including strengths and challenges the candidate might have and to consider in the hiring decision. The result is a usable report to guide the hiring manager to develop interview questions, understand the individual once they are hired and how best to support or develop them going forward or to add to the other elements they consider to hire or not hire the individual for the job.

Can Hiring Indicators do a validity study at my organization?2023-04-18T17:42:00-07:00

Hiring Indicators can do a validity study if it is necessary. It requires some upfront evaluation to determine the need and what would be involved. A validity study takes time and additional funding to develop and perform for a specific organization.

How does Reveal report on Cognitive measure?2023-04-18T17:42:25-07:00

Reveal does not report on raw scores in general, since evaluating them requires an understanding of the assessment. We do not require certification or training to use Reveal.

This is the value of a multi-measure assessment process that Reveal uses intentionally. We use a combination of scales to analyze and score the competencies. The cognitive assessment is weaved into some of the results, strengths and opportunities for growth.

The cognitive assessment is used on jobs that would likely require a higher level of decision making, problem solving and analysis type of behaviors to be successful.

Can Reveal be used as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? Or can Reveal integrate with my current ATS or HRIS system?2023-04-18T17:43:29-07:00

Reveal is designed to be an ATS once you have applicants you want to invite for assessment. Since it is only an assessment application, it does not offer a method to accept and track applications and resumes. However, if you are using another ATS, Reveal can integrate with them through an API. This does require some additional development cost at this time since there are several ATS options in the market.

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