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The Reveal Guarantee

We are so confident in Reveal and what it will do for you and your company, that if your ASSESSED candidate turns over in 120 days, we will credit any assessments used in that hire. No questions asked.

What you Get:

No matter which subscription plan you choose, you will receive the same great customer service support and benefits across the board.

Multi-measure assessments measure different types of assessments, (EQ, Behavioral, Cognitive, etc).

The Reveal application analyzes scores and results, and produces a single competency report; a comprehensive analysis of the whole person.

Using a multi-measure assessment, like Reveal, provides higher predictive performance credibility. We guarantee it.

General mental ability assessment with an emphasis on alertness, clear thinking, and flexibility; this measure has been found to be useful in identifying individuals with potential for success in a wide range of occupations. The assessment measures vocabulary, verbal comprehension, math and reasoning skills.

Sales Style measures sales characteristics and sales potential. Validity scales used for adjusting scores for overly positive or overly negative response patterns are also included. The characteristics measured include: Achievement, Assertiveness, Cold-Calling, Competitiveness, Cooperativeness, Extroversion, Goal Orientation, Initiative, Managerial Personality, Motivation, Patience, Personal Diplomacy, Planning, Relaxed Style, Sales Closing, Sales Disposition, Self-Confidence, and Team Play.

The Problem-Solving Style assessment is a succinct behavioral/ability measure of how a person solves problems and makes decisions. It is a very unique instrument in that it takes into consideration the behaviors connected to their cognitive ability for decision making and problem solving to understand how the person uses his/her intellectual powers. The solving styles included are Analytical, Action, Interpersonal and Innovative.

A measure of the Five Factor Model of Personality including Stress Resiliency, Extraversion, Openness, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness. Each of these Big 5 factors is further broken down into 6 facet scales resulting in 5 main scales and 30 subscales. The Five factor model of personality is the most abundantly researched personality theory in the research community and shows a relationship to job performance in virtually every job of the U.S. economy.

A process to develop a standard profile from key individuals within your organization and evaluate assessment results against that profile to decide if someone can do the job. The Reveal application offers a convenient download of candidate results for each position. Benchmarking a profile for your organization is an additional service.

The Hiring Indicators team wants to partner with your organization. You’ll be assigned a client specialist who will schedule your onboarding call, initiate your account, and provide continuing support.

Our team will review your job description and align the competencies that will be measured and reported on.

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For teams of less than 100

Send 50 assessments/yr

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Send 100 assessments/yr

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For teams greater than 1,000

Send 200 assessments/yr

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Whether you are looking for one critical hire or benchmarking an internal role within your current team, we have you covered.

  • 10 Assessments/Reports

  • One Job Position Review
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  • Admin Dashboard with built-in ATS


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