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Reveal provides a competency based assessment report produced through a combination (battery) of valid and standard assessments. The combination is developed based on the job type and can vary from 3-6 assessments used to produce the results to rate and rank order candidates.

Each candidate takes the assessments online using a user friendly SaaS application. The report is produced based on the soft skill competencies for the job and measures each competency according to how the candidate responded to the assessments.

Reveal provides a ‘job fit’ analysis and rating for each candidate taking the assessments. The job fit score averages the competencies for the job. The job fit score displays on the Reveal application dashboard and can be used to rank the candidates for selection and support your hiring decision.

This ensures you hire the best fit person for the job.

Can Reveal be used as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? Or can Reveal integrate with my current ATS or HRIS system?2023-04-18T17:43:29-07:00

Reveal is designed to be an ATS once you have applicants you want to invite for assessment. Since it is only an assessment application, it does not offer a method to accept and track applications and resumes. However, if you are using another ATS, Reveal can integrate with them through an API. This does require some additional development cost at this time since there are several ATS options in the market.

How do I integrate/use Reveal in my current hiring and selection process?2023-04-18T17:43:11-07:00

If you assess all candidates early in the process Reveal is cost effective and will help you compare all candidates according to job types. If you choose to do it earlier, the report you receive will offer you insight into the different candidates and will help you design interview questions specific to the individual or in general for the job you are looking to fill.

If you use Reveal to assess only finalist candidates toward the end of the selection process, it can help you distinguish among the finalists and give you some ideas of how best to prioritize what you are looking for or need for the position(s).

You will have valuable data to understand strengths and challenges of the people applying even if the competency ratings are similar. You can also independently rank the competencies according to what you think are most important to be successful in the position and then re-rank the individuals based on that process to help make a final decision.

Of course you still need to consider and use other data you have from the interviewing process or any other information you are using to make the final hiring decision.

Either way, you will avoid bad hires when you use Reveal and avoid hiring guesswork.

Can I develop my own job profile with competencies I want to measure for a job?2023-04-18T17:43:00-07:00

Reveal uses science to ensure the assessments used are valid and reliable. From the results of the assessments, competency analysis is developed using algorithms that are also scientifically tested.

Job profiles are developed based on the requirements of the job and competencies are selected specifically to address and meet those requirements for organizational and individual performance effectiveness.

If you find that the job profiles offered by Reveal do not meet your competency requirements, you can request Hiring Indicators to do a benchmark study of the job profiles with specific competencies you want included. This requires some additional consulting and support from Hiring Indicators. There is an additional fee depending on your needs.

Once I have the information from Reveal and I hire an individual, can I use the report to help them onboard or once they are integrated into my organization?2023-04-18T17:42:36-07:00

Reveal offers rich and valuable information about each new hire. You now have an understanding of the individual you cannot get from an interview alone.

The Reveal report can be used to integrate into your onboarding process. It is especially helpful to the hiring manager so the new hire feels welcome and understood from day one.

The hiring manager knows where the person will naturally excel and feel comfortable on day one and what other areas the manager might want to wait until they are ‘socialized’ into the organization culture before they offer the new hire a challenge.

One of the best methods to improve retention for new hires is to match what is said during the interview process and the expectations of the job with the reality the new hire will experience starting on day one.

For example, if the manager mentioned that the job will include working on a team (collaboration) then it is important for the new hire to meet their team as soon as possible during the onboarding process.

How does Reveal report on Cognitive measure?2023-04-18T17:42:25-07:00

Reveal does not report on raw scores in general, since evaluating them requires an understanding of the assessment. We do not require certification or training to use Reveal.

This is the value of a multi-measure assessment process that Reveal uses intentionally. We use a combination of scales to analyze and score the competencies. The cognitive assessment is weaved into some of the results, strengths and opportunities for growth.

The cognitive assessment is used on jobs that would likely require a higher level of decision making, problem solving and analysis type of behaviors to be successful.

Can Hiring Indicators do a validity study at my organization?2023-04-18T17:42:00-07:00

Hiring Indicators can do a validity study if it is necessary. It requires some upfront evaluation to determine the need and what would be involved. A validity study takes time and additional funding to develop and perform for a specific organization.

Why is Reveal better than other assessments used for selection?2023-04-18T08:42:02-07:00

Reveal is a unique offering of low cost, fast response, and standard, valid assessments offered in a mobile-ready application. In addition, Reveal is one of a handful of products on the market today that uses a combination of standard assessments (battery) that are chosen based on the job profile.

This provides a more complete analysis of the candidate and prevents the employer from having to purchase multiple assessments and figure out how to correlate the results.

For example, some vendors offer personality assessments and cognitive tests but don’t combine the results in one report or correlate the two without a benchmarking analysis for each job type.

The application is easy to use and the Reveal report is designed for anyone to understand. There are no certification/training requirements to interpret the results and use the application.

What if the scores are low in some categories?2023-04-18T17:40:34-07:00

A low score in some categories is a good source to develop the person if he/she is hired. It is an excellent way to improve interviews since you can develop questions around the lower competency scores to get more detail from the individual related to situations they might have faced and what awareness they have about their abilities.

You have a head start on career development and also knowledge to know where the person might struggle in the job so you can give them support or work with the manager to coach the individual.

A low score doesn’t mean the person can’t do the job. It just highlights an area that might take the individual longer to work through, complete, or need some assistance until he/she can develop the competency by doing the job.

What if I have job types that are not listed in the Reveal categories?2023-04-18T17:39:13-07:00

Reveal is designed to address all job types and with the current database, most jobs are available but might not have the specific job title you use in your organization. If that is the case for you, contact Hiring Indicators and we will either help you find a job profile that matches your requirements or we will add the job profile to meet your requirements.

How do I know that Reveal results provide a valid assessment to make my hiring decisions?2023-04-18T17:38:55-07:00

Reveal uses valid and reliable assessments in the battery of assessments available. Depending on the job type, Hiring Indicators chooses a combination of the available assessments to develop a sophisticated and rich analysis of each job and produces an easy to understand result for each competency defined for that position.

In addition, Reveal offers a summary including strengths and challenges the candidate might have and to consider in the hiring decision. The result is a usable report to guide the hiring manager to develop interview questions, understand the individual once they are hired and how best to support or develop them going forward or to add to the other elements they consider to hire or not hire the individual for the job.

Is Reveal a valid assessment?2023-04-18T17:38:43-07:00

Reveal is a valid assessment because it uses standard, normative data results to produce the competencies. In addition, it uses a 3-6 assessment combination to calculate the scores for each competency.

Each of these are valid as a stand-alone assessment. When used in combination, the validity is increased and basically compounds. The assessments used in the Reveal application have been researched and tested for hiring bias and can confidently be used to predict performance.

Research supports using a multi-measure assessment process to improve hiring decisions. Reveal is among the few valid multi-measure assessment offerings to produce a competency score per job type. This offers a job fit score that predicts performance and will improve hiring practices for your organization.

Would Reveal be a good method for managers to coach their direct reports?2023-04-18T17:38:27-07:00

Many companies are looking more toward their managers to coach their direct reports as a way to develop the manager and to develop the direct report to provide a career path. Coaching is considered an effective method to increase employee engagement and retention if the manager has tools and guidance to use for effective coaching skills.

Reveal would be a cost effective tool for managers to use to guide them in coaching their direct reports. In addition, many performance management practices are using competencies rather than rating employees on a curve.

Using a competency method consistently throughout the organization reduces training time and provides a method everyone will understand and use. It has the added benefit of reducing bias in development, promotions and hiring decisions.

Can I use the Reveal application/report to evaluate my current team to upskill or reskill current employees, if need be?2023-04-18T17:38:16-07:00

Reveal would be easy to give to your current workforce and help gain insight to understand your candidate and who has competencies that fulfill your current needs or who can fill other positions if you need to restructure.

Reveal can be used to upskill or reskill current employees as needed. It might require some benchmarking of the positions you have to ensure the current employees meet your expectations. You can also use the job description to address the job requirements for the position.

You can also use the job type for the position that is already included in the Reveal database to evaluate the person for another position. Depending on what you want to do, this might require some support and consulting from Hiring Indicators for an additional fee depending on your requirements.

If I have high potential employees, can I use Reveal to find out if they are currently in the best job for them or if they would perform well in another job?2023-04-18T17:38:05-07:00

If you are considering moving high potential employees to another position or to increase their responsibility (promotion), Reveal would be an ideal assessment to assess talent and maximize potential. The Reveal results will objectively evaluate their competencies to find out where they would continue to excel or where there might be some areas that are more challenging in another job position.

For example, it is common to promote technical experts to management positions. However, the competencies required to be an effective manager are very different from independent contributors who have earned a reputation for being the expert for job X.

Reveal can help understand those differences and to identify which of the new competencies would be more of a challenge should you decide to promote the individual. You would likely want to benchmark positions to understand what competencies are important for each position and what to look for with the Reveal results.

You can also use a job analysis and/or job description to match the competencies of the potential job. It would help you understand where to provide some coaching or development support for the new manager to be effective with the new skills. This would require some support and consulting from Hiring Indicators for an additional fee depending on your needs.

Can Reveal be used for current employees to improve succession planning?2023-04-18T17:37:51-07:00

The first release of Reveal is designed to help you with your pre-hire assessment decision for potential employees. Since the assessments and report results are based on competencies and job fit, Reveal can be used to improve succession planning.

However, using the results for this type of analysis and ranking does require some additional consulting and support from Hiring Indicators. There is an additional fee depending on your needs.

Can Reveal be used for current employees to improve employee development and for performance management?2023-04-18T17:37:42-07:00

Performance management methods are changing for most organizations. The traditional systems used to assign a rating number based on a bell curve for employees is no longer effective as it often forces managers to rank employees to meet a predetermined budget goal.

Many organizations are moving toward a more personable approach to improve employee development and performance. Although Reveal was developed as a selection assessment, the results can be used to provide performance feedback on a frequent and regular basis rather than an annual or semi annual ‘after the fact’ method.

The first release of Reveal is designed to help you with your hiring decision for potential employees. The assessments included in the Reveal application and report results are based on competencies and job fit to predict performance.

Reveal can be used for performance management and to improve employee development and measure employee impact. Many of the new performance management methods are using competencies associated with the job requirements to give employees feedback and help them understand where to make adjustments.

However, using the results for this type of analysis does require some additional consulting and support from Hiring Indicators. There is an additional fee depending on your needs.

Assessment Definitions

  • Battery of Assessments – a combination or group of tests and administered to applicants for a particular position.
  • Benchmarking – a process to develop a standard profile and evaluate assessment results against that profile to decide if someone can do the job.
  • Competency – the ability, skills and characteristics you have to do a job effectively and successfully.

  • Culture Fit – will the person integrate effectively with the team/organization.
  • Job Fit – the right person in the right seat to do the job effectively.
  • Performance Management – a process to ensure behaviors, activities and outcomes meet an organization’s goals in an effective and efficient manner. It can include the performance of an organization, a department, an employee, or the processes and procedures in place.
  • Reliable Assessments – assessments that give consistent results if used over and over.
  • Selection – selection is used when hiring new employees as a way to screen individuals to build a workforce.
  • Standard Assessments – assessments with established validity and reliability. The test takers answer the same questions in the same way and the scores are developed in a standard or consistent way making it possible to compare performance of individuals.
  • Succession Planning – intentional planning for a person to replace another person in a job due to promotions, retirement, turnover, emergencies or anything that causes someone to leave their current position.
  • Valid Assessments – assessments that measure what they are supposed to measure.
  • Validity – an assessment that measures what it should measure and is designed to measure. It is important to use a valid assessment so you are sure it will do what you want it to do and will meet your business objection or help you solve a staffing problem.
  • Validity Study – a separate study of an organization or demographic group to validate the assessment for that particular group to ensure it works as designed. A validity study is often conducted to add a group/demographic to the norms of the assessment. This helps to expand the breadth of the assessment. The validity study can also be used if there is a specific requirement in an organization that must be tested to see if it is working as it should and can be used to meet the expectations. This would be a custom assessment.
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