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Our Mission

We help small-to-mid-sized businesses reveal and select, seat, and retain the right talent to build high performance, well-harmonized teams



Powerful Analysis, Simple Interpretation

The Reveal App makes assessing human potential simple, fast, and illuminating.

The Reveal App has over 50 years of research and development into what success looks like for carrying out the duties of specific job titles - and then correlates well-defined elements of human success necessary to perform them.

The results are uncanny.

Candidates are assessed in the Reveal App using a strategic medley of up to six tests, making these assessments the most well-rounded on the market, and impossible to game or practice for. Once tests are completed, a candidates’ strengths and limitations are highlighted through very meaningful hiring indicators…there is no time wasted learning ‘how to read’ complex reports.

Hiring managers are given the most easy-to-interpret, highly visual dashboard ever developed to see what the HI CHAIR looks like for candidates (as a percentile-based score); aiding in the selection of the right job hires with the most title-relevant qualifications.

It delivers a powerful and revealing way to glean deeper insights during the candidate selection process.

The Reveal App digs much deeper than just pop-psychology approaches where ‘reds’ and ‘blues’ get along. It layers in additional methodologies from performing extensive job profile and human impact studies to close gaps and look at human potential more holistically than other assessments.

The underlying technology of the Reveal App traverses multiple sets of data points across various mature test instruments. These instruments are the essential building blocks that make up a Hiring Indicators assessment.

The goal of Hiring Indicators has always been to uncover and reveal complexities of an individual by identifying consistencies and inconsistencies in their responses in five key areas: core personality traits, emotional intelligence, culture fit and satisfaction, learning styles, and stylistic tendencies. Within these five areas are 98 competencies applied to job profiles and automated using reliable, real-world tested algorithms.

The result? Insightful hiring indicators that reveal the most job relevant candidates for an open position.



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Hear More About the Reveal App

  • Easiest-to-use assessment app in the marketplace

  • Fully mobile-ready candidate test-taking experience

  • Inability for candidates to “practice” for the test; complete assessment objectivity

  • Most comprehensive and realistic view of a candidate’s human potential against job fit

  • Quickly unveils a candidate’s chemistry match, how they fit into a working environment, and caliber of experience in direct correlation to what is needed by an open job requisition.

  • Easily pinpoint hires and use a nimble applicant tracking system to keep line of sight on candidates for job requisitions.

  • Easy archiving feature to always have open job requisitions front and center.


Mobile Test-Taking Experience

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Revealing Reports

Powerful Candidate Contribution Distillation; Presented Beautifully

The Reveal App is rooted in simplicity and beautifully designed throughout.

  • Simplicity for the hiring manager selecting and customizing job titles and sending out invites.

  • Simplicity for the candidate taking the assessment rooted in a medley of meaningful tests.

  • Simplicity of notifications arriving at the right time throughout the experience.

  • Simplicity of hiring managers using the app as a simple applicant tracking and archiving tool.

  • Simplicity of hiring managers being presented with visually meaningful hiring indicators that illuminate strengths and limitations.

  • Simplicity that drives better decision-making, allows the bench to fill with the right team members, and frees up valuable time and money to focus on other initiatives!



Gives all leaders more time to ‘be present’ for their teams

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Leaders love Reveal

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! This is so exciting. The timing is right for the Reveal App with people on the hunt for the right job fit and the economy being so robust. Plus, hiring managers are much more time-challenged today and can’t be as strategic as they should be; caught-up in the “challenge of the day” which always puts hiring lower in the stack of priorities. It’s hard for them to step back and give due attention to hiring. The Reveal App is so easy to use, companies will welcome this in a big way!
— katharine halpin, the halpin companies