What is C-fit?

Using C-fit™ technology, Reveal delivers a powerful way to gain deeper insights about your candidates during the talent management cycle. C-fit™ is the real power behind the scenes. We help the employer better understand if a candidate possesses the knowledge, abilities and behavior (=competencies) to be successful in their position. Developed from 50+ years of carefully curated expertise in administering assessments, it matters. We believe hiring or promoting the wrong talent is costly to businesses.

  • Candidates are multifaceted. Each candidate will contribute to the workplace in their own unique way based on their own knowledge, abilities and behavior (= competencies).
  • Reveal software analyzes and measures competencies for you, using reliable, real-world tested algorithms.
  • Reveal software takes over 50 years of research and development into the DNA of what a successful candidate looks like for specific job titles – and then makes connections to well-defined elements of human success, necessary to perform these jobs.
  • Candidates are assessed with the Reveal software, using a strategic medley of up to six assessments, making these employment assessments a way to effortlessly see past the resume directly to the key indicators of success needed for a given position.
  • The assessment reports are shown as a single rolled up summary that acts as a rubric for interviews, promotions and all your talent management needs.
  • Reveal is the only tech provider that offers an easy to learn application offering job-specific assessments.
The result? Insightful Indicators about your candidates to use throughout the employee’s lifecycle.

An Illuminating Experience Powered by C-fit™