The optimal work environment is what we all search for. It is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and for many of us, the reason we love coming to work. We spend at least half of our day at work or working, so being a part of a place that appreciates us, a place where we can express our gratitude, and where we can interact with polite and kind people goes a long way.

Gratitude isn’t just a nice gesture that we can offer up to our colleagues and those in our lives. There is actual research to prove its benefits on the giver AND the receiver.

Counting Our Blessings

When we reflect upon and appreciate the good fortune in our lives or at work, it has an overarching benefit to our mental and physical health. In a series of studies conducted by psychologists Robert Emmons and Michael McCollough, participants were split into two groups and asked to maintain a 10-week journal. Participants in the group that were asked to express their gratitude, “scored higher on measures of positive emotions, self-reported symptoms of their physical and mental health, and they also felt more connected to others as compared to those who made routine notes about their days or wrote about hassles.” (

The benefits don’t stop with the giver but go the distance with those on the receiving end as well. Francesca Gino and Adam Grant found through their studies that, “expressions of gratitude increase prosocial behavior by enabling people to feel socially valued.” ( The effects felt by expressing and receiving gratitude extend out to our colleagues, making us better co-workers and thus creating a more productive and happier environment. So now that we know why gratitude is important, how can we properly express it at work?

Expressing Gratitude

While a simple gesture or word of thanks is nice, getting specific and granular about what it is that you are grateful for and why you value the person for whom it is intended, really makes it much more meaningful.

It’s also important to consider how the message will be given. In an email, chat message, in-person? While any method of delivery is a start, making it personal to the intended really makes it that much more special. A simple handwritten note or picking up the phone shows special attention and consideration. No matter the method you choose, putting time and attention into the details of why you appreciate your co-worker will make the message heartfelt and true.

There’s No Time Like the Present

Whether you are the CEO, a team-leader, or a part of the administrative staff, gratitude is important. Its effects are far-reaching and helps to strengthen and build a culture of thankfulness, acceptance, unification, and positivity.

Let your peers know you care and set a positive example. Start today!

Gratitude Begins with the RIGHT People

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