Competencies are defined as specific behaviors based on learned or inherent knowledge, skills, abilities and characteristics that are directly linked to job performance and success, making them an important factor to integrate into your people processes.

As we develop our teams and the leaders that will inspire each employee to drive your objectives through to completion, the question becomes why should they play an important role in your hiring process?

1. They create a structure for success

Identifying competencies for each role within your organization will allow you to begin to develop a universal language that describes the behaviors needed to deliver on role-specific goals and ultimately, be successful. Competencies provide structural strength and cohesion to all talent management processes, making them a foundation for success!

2. They help you identify and hire the RIGHT talent

When competencies are used to identify and hire talent within your organization, you ensure your workforce will have what’s needed to achieve goals both on an individual basis, and towards organizational progress. As such, competencies become the difference between hiring talent and hiring the RIGHT talent.

3. They maximize the talent of your workforce

Competencies can and should be integrated into all people processes throughout the entire employee lifecycle; it’s not just for hiring talent! Competencies can help you customize onboarding plans, identify gaps and develop annual goals, define performance objectives and succession planning, be used as a coaching tool, and so much more. Understanding and defining which competencies are important in any given role will help maximize employees’ talents on their path toward long-term success.

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