NEXTIVA Interview with Linda Scorzo and the Reveal App

Video Transcript

Eric: So Linda tell me what show size do you wear?

Linda: I wear it’s a rather large it’s a 10

Eric: The opportunity it’s a bit

Linda: Yeah it’s a 10 all the way around there we like you too

Eric: quite like that yeah well so it’s a very entrepreneurial family.

Linda: Yes,

Eric: It must be having a lot of motivation for you to keep this coming

Linda: You were accountable when you’re a young I had a paper route, I used to work in the auto parts warehouse filing mufflers on shelves and belts and spark plugs. Well I have big footsteps of fallen and it couldn’t be more problems. we’ve been hiring people for decades and this is just a natural fit.

Eric: What is your inspiration for getting started with Hiring Indicators?

Linda: Inspiration is what existed in the legacy system and what it had done over

the course of 50 years for the people that had served.

Eric: What about that 50 years of data? Where does that come from?

Linda: 50 years of being in business in the industrial psychology world of assessments and leadership development and coaching and strategically helping organizations succeed. And part of what you asked me earlier is what was my role in this company when I took over this company. I have a finance background, I do not have an industrial psychology background I chose to use the assessment component which had the 50 years of data on 55,000 assessments that have been used to the course of the history of this organization and that’s another incredible feature of the Reveal App we offer the capability of marking once you’ve completed your hiring process and you’ve selected the individual. When you mark hired, the candidate that you’ve hired that information comes back to us and helps us constantly refine the model that we’re using and Eric: That 50 years of data, how then is that going to show up?

Linda: We’ve made it really easy for you, the end users using this assessment. It’s the equivalent of something like QuickBooks for an accountant, but these are assessments are inserted in the hiring process. So when you have a job post that’s open you would invite you receive a resume you would invite the candidate to take this assessment. Completely automated the report will come back to you and you will have competencies that are married up that are relevant important for the job position that you have posted and we’re so proud that it’s going to work for you that you get it for 14 days free.

Eric: There must be some extra motivation to make this work.

Linda: Motivation to make it work is is to help small businesses provide them with a tool that can help them succeed. This app gives insight as to they’ve got an opening, they need to fill it, they want, they don’t want a bad hire how to avoid that what can what I know from this legacy system that I’ve brought over into the Reveal App, how can that do that it gives indicators of how successful this future hire will be it will empower small businesses to retain seed talented individuals

Eric: So it tells me who to hire?

Linda: No, it does it does not tell you just not on screen in or screen out it should be used in unison with other tools in the hiring process. Limitations are things that maybe you want to dive into a little bit further when you’re interviewing the candidate to understanding. Okay this might they’ve identified a potential limitation of a candidate and how could this is that going to be a problem for us let’s address that in the interview process. What’s a bad hire cost a company? How valuable is a company if not the people that are in the company

Eric: I hate all the resumes I get and all the time it takes just to get to the right candidates how does this help me with that?

Linda: This is just one possible use for this app is when you have that open position collect the resumes you have. There’s an email on there, all you need is an email. Email goes out to candidate. Candidates report comes in the dashboard for the end users will rank them by alphabetically by score by a variety of different ways. And now when you have collected time separate and apart you sit down and you collect the resumes that you want to invite him for an interview I probably saved you 20 hours of time.

Eric: So it sounds almost too good to be true. You say there’s a 14-day free trial?

Linda: I know, right? and so as a tiers as you scale upward in volume there is a slight discount the pricing of that is $80 down to $50. It clearly states that your free trial is in play at the end of the 14-day free trial your credit card will be charged, whether you elected for a monthly billing or your annuals

Eric: Easy for the prospect, the potential employee to use but also can’t be gained can’t tell me

more about that gaming side what does that really mean out there

Linda: There are actually some assessments and out there that teach the end user this response will give you equate to this for an employer etc there is actually no gaming possibility with the reveal app it’s all internal the algorithms the assessments are depending on the position there is no set group of assessments that will be deployed in any one given time it could be a medley of three or six assessments depending on the needs of the position

Eric: Tell me there’s more than just one test? Tell me more, how many are there and what am I using them for?

Linda: Six assessments on our shelf or on our bench that we use depending on what the position requirements call for. So, we have personality traits a lot of people are familiar with the disk we have. Our equivalent proprietary product of that that is just needs to be used in unison with other nationally recognized tests and some proprietary tests that are owned by Hiring Indicators.

Eric: Well, so you’ve talked a lot about science and data and now you say proprietary so why do I as a hiring manager trust the test is being useful for hiring the right people?

Linda: Why do you trust it, what why do you trust any other tool that you use? This is the importance of trying it out for yourself in the 14-day trial and asking questions identifying the value of this for your entity and so we say you have nothing to lose but so much to gain.