Coffee Q&A with Linda Scorzo 
& Reveal App by Hiring Indicators

Video Transcript

This is just an app where you as end-user get to log on, deploy the assessment your candidate gets to take it, and the report comes directly back into your inbox.

There is a deeper science. Over 50 years started out again and then continued by

my industrial psychology students were studying police officers in Indiana.

This has been developed by PhDs and industrial psychologist and you will

have an overview of where your candidate stands. It is not screaming out it’s just

giving you and the long-standing level of that. It breaks it down into the different competencies.

I see this app working just in perfect unison with resumes coming in and it’s measuring all

sorts of competencies that are specifically tailored for the position that you’re looking for. So I know what the intent was when they built this app for the hiring manager people trying to

solve a solution of avoiding a bad hire.

In unison with what you do if you already had off the bench candidates that can perform you wouldn’t have to step in it would make your job so much easier.

This assessment is cost-effective. They were so cost effective that we are offering it free for 14 days 10 free assessments so I’m encouraging people to just have their internal staff take it.

If you’ve got a new hire go ahead and use it. Put its use. I really think the whole emails will

relate to this tool and it is so laborious and sore, so easy to relate to, and the candidate experience on this app is just as incredible as the end users.

Experience so knowing that it’s person asking someone to give up their time to take this is wonderful experience for them as well the app is and candidate ready all app the H to the end user experience is on a PC.

I think this generation questions more right now where they should be great and it’s just a unique time space for their BLM. I’m so excited, one particular day’s training is three thousand plus dollar designer this requires no training. This is this is information at your fingertips we’re not trying to make industrial psychologists now that the end-user we’re trying to use the work that industrial psychologist. Some PhDs have put in over the past 50 years and bring that value

in an app that gives you the end user small businesses values that they’re looking for.

We have a support desk that will handle volume calls. For the over thousand and employees in a company I’m not competing with anyone in the market. I’m not trying to take away from what they do. I’m just trying to simplify the hiring process for everyone. That’s all they’re using. Then they absolutely need to use this. They absolutely need to use this as it gives a well-rounded perspective of the individuals looking at the lens from many different angles.

We use nationally recognized exams along with the proprietary assessments that have been

developed over the years as well. So it’s not all beautiful, it’s not house based just with this proprietarians. I can’t disagree unique medley of assessments that produces this incredible result. So proud to bring this opportunity to Arkham place to giving people an opportunity to use it for their own benefit to seeding and retaining the right hire at an affordable price.

Supportable Pines they become an engine.

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