If you’re joining the rat race with other recent graduates, congratulations! Welcome to the real world. Job seekers have their work cut out for them as they look for, well, work. And as one of them, you might be wondering, “What can I do to make an impact as I start my career?”

So, how can you be proactive in jump starting your career? Well, have a look!

1. Jump Starting Your Career–Continue Your Education Beyond the Diploma

Think of your graduation as one phase of your educational journey, rather than its conclusion. Your diploma shows that you are trainable, open to being challenged and capable of taking in new information and learning from it. So, do just that!

The more you realize you don’t know it all, the more you’ll be inclined to constantly try to fill in the gaps. Even with a diploma in hand, continue your education by seeking certifications in your field, return to school for a higher-level degree, or take courses online. Never stop learning. It’s an important job skill.

2. Make Your LinkedIn and Online Presence Clean and Problem-Free

As the saying goes, “The internet never forgets.” You never know if a potential employer has seen your sarcastic comments on social media, or knows your penchant for using colorful language online. Without delay, clean up your online presence, and make sure it doesn’t derail you from getting your dream job.

You wouldn’t put anything on your resume that makes you look bad to employers, right? As you join the ranks of job seekers, treat social media the same way.

3. Stay Nimble & Flexible in Your Scope of Opportunities

You know what you want to do and who you want to work for, but life has a way of throwing curve balls. Don’t allow yourself to be wedded to one company or industry. The best method for jump starting your career, is to be on the lookout for opportunities in places and industries you might not have considered.

4. Build Your Experience

Start a blog

When just starting your career, no one knows who you are. Starting a blog can help you get your voice out there, while also potentially connecting you with other like-minded recent graduates and job seekers. Blogging is a great way for job seekers to steadily build a reputation for themselves while also building up a professional network.


Remember what was said before about continuing your education? An internship is a fantastic way to do that while also building up your experience. Don’t think of an internship as a job. Think of it as a trial, a stepping stone on the path to success that could lead to a fantastic opportunity!

Start a YouTube Channel (if it makes sense)

If your degree is in the visual arts, you may want to consider starting a YouTube channel. Doing so can help you learn a lot about the process of shooting, editing, and publishing videos. You can also use your channel as a portfolio of sorts, demonstrating the growth of your skills. Beyond that, you can use your YouTube channel as a means of documenting your job search, potentially building a community with others.

5. Research and Understand the Industry You Want To Be In

Research specific companies that have caught your eye. Read reviews on what it’s like to work at these companies, how their hiring process is rated, and so on.

Also, have a look at the industry you want to be in. What are the current hiring trends and average salaries? Where are the jobs? Find out as much as you can.

Network and shake the tree to see if you have any relevant connections

Consider networking as a part of your research about companies and your industry. Have a look at companies’ LinkedIn profiles. See if anyone from your university works at them. Look through your connections to see if anyone you know or went to school with is working for those companies, or is in your desired industry, and then reach out to them!

It’s the dawn of a new era with more opportunities than ever before, jump starting your career can be a good experience if you know how to work your connections and stay flexible and open to any and all possibilities. Good luck out there!