Just like any good capital investment, when you hire a new employee you have your eyes on the prize: Dividends down the road. But in a fluid job market, new hires may underperform and/or even only stay for a couple of years before moving on to other opportunities. The challenge is to ensure that all of the time and energy spent on the hiring process – from resume collection to assessments, interviews, and onboarding – wasn’t wasted on a new hire who ultimately makes an unmeasurable impact before moving on. 

It’s impossible to predict with any certainty how well a new hire will perform in their given role, or for how long; employee loyalty these days is generally to their career, not a company. Still, with a clearer picture of who a candidate is as a whole before making an offer, you’ll have a better overall idea of what their job performance may be like; if they fit the job, they will like it, and want to stay and work for you longer. Competency-based assessments of candidates can make hiring decisions easier, but fewer companies than you think have the capability or time to do this on their own. 

This is where Reveal’s job specific assessment tool enters the picture. Reveal takes a significant talent optimization burden off the shoulders of hiring managers, helping them fill positions with competency-based assessments. This enables the hiring manager to build the strongest possible team in the most elegant and sophisticated way possible. 

A Tale of Two Companies 

Imagine two companies in the same industry are adding talent: Company A’s hiring strategy is without much finesse; not much attention is paid to who new hires are, any hidden strengths (or limitations) they might have, or the reasons they applied. Company A just needs workers, and needs them now. Company A’s hiring process is fast, but not very savvy, and their turnover rate is high. 

On the other hand, Company B looks at the full picture of a candidate when filling a position. Company A probably wouldn’t hire someone with a years-long gap in their employment history, but Company B is interested in what they were doing with themselves during that time. With a focus on team-building and long-term talent optimization, Company B performs a job specific assessment on every hire. Their turnover rate is incredibly low compared to Company A’s. 

Can you guess which company could get the best use out of Reveal’s assessment tools?

If you said, “Both!”, then you’re absolutely right.

How Using Competency-Based Assessments Can Predict Job Performance

How do you know you’re getting the right people for the right job, while making the best use of your time, energy, and manpower? With Reveal’s competency-based, job specific assessment tool supported by 50 years of research and development, you can kick such guesswork to the curb and focus on what really matters.

Take a look at those companies again. 

The danger with Company A’s hiring strategy is that they avoid some critical steps, like onboarding,  trying to get people in quickly only to find they cannot do the job or lose those that are talented find a closer fit elsewhere.” Time is wasted on a constant need to replenish the ranks

As for Company B, their heart is in the right place, but if they’re to make the best use of their talent and help their business grow, then their process is in dire need of streamlining. They know what they want and need, but spend too much time and manpower to get it. 

Reveal helps hiring managers place the right members on the right teams in the right amount of time. Utilizing job-specific competency assessments to maximize an individual’s human potential in the hiring process and fill positions with the best possible candidates. Reveal’s employment assessment technology makes the hiring process not only efficient and effective, but also elegant. In short, Reveal helps companies gain and maintain a high level of talent optimization at every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Employment Assessment Technology: An Important Tool in Finding Candidates Likely to Succeed

Nothing is worse for a new hire than being offered a job and realizing they’re out of their depth – and it won’t be too long before your company reaps the consequences. With Reveal’s competency-based, job specific assessment tool, you can know beforehand if candidates fit the role.

The hiring process is full of questions both for hiring managers and candidates, but the answers are more easily found with Reveal’s employment assessment technology. Schedule a 15 minute call with Reveal today to make sure the right people are in the right seats.