The uses of hiring assessments is limited only by your imagination. Many of us assess potential candidates during our hiring processes and use the results to inform our final hiring decisions. But can we do even more with these results once we’ve hired a candidate? Consider the following uses with this critical information:

1. Integrate Results Into the Onboarding Plan

Beyond sharing the assessment results with both the newly hired employee and their direct leader, consider integrating information from the results into the new hire’s onboarding plan, creating a truly individualized process. The results can help shape the first 30-60-90 day plan based on the employee’s individual strengths and opportunities, putting focus on the most important needs and ensuring the employee can hit the ground running.

2. Build Performance Goals with Results in Mind

As longer term performance goals are defined for the new hire, consider building them with the assessment results in mind. If gaps were identified, build SMART goals to help close them over time or use extreme strength areas to push for stretch goals. This is another opportunity to individualize your employee’s path to success.

3. Identify Future Succession Plans

Begin to customize the employee’s career path and succession plan from the start! While the employee’s long term potential with your company may not yet be crystal clear, the assessment results can offer insights, when combined with proven performance, that can shape the employee’s career progression over time.

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