Whether you are using assessments or considering using assessments in your talent management process, do you know what questions you should ask your vendor?

As with any vendor selection process, HR professionals should ask vendors questions before making an important assessment decision. First, define your objective. Then start with these questions:

  • What is the assessment designed to measure and how will it benefit the organization?
  • Is the assessment reliable and valid?
  • Does it effectively predict important workplace behaviors that drive organization metrics?
  • How easy is the assessment to take?
  • How easy is it to interpret the results?
  • Is the assessment free of bias, and does it comply with federal guidelines?
  • Does it save you time to use the assessment?
  • Does it save you money to use the assessment?
  • Do you need to be certified to use the assessment?

Reveal by Hiring Indicators provides a competency-based assessment report produced through a combination (battery) of valid and reliable assessments. The combination is developed based on the job type and can vary from 3-6 assessments used to produce the results for rating each candidate. Reveal provides a ‘job fit’ analysis and rating for each candidate taking the assessment.

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