How do you know if the assessment you’re using is valid and reliable?

What is the assessment designed to measure? If the assessment is designed to measure X and it does (scientifically), then it is valid. If it measures X consistently over time, then it is reliable.

The Reveal application uses a battery of scientifically researched, standard assessments, which are valid and reliable. Depending on the job type a combination of the assessments are selected to develop a sophisticated and rich analysis of each job. It then produces an easy to understand result for each competency defined for that position and an overall job fit score. In addition, Reveal offers a summary including strengths and challenges the candidate might show, and what the hiring manager might want to consider in the hiring decision.

The result is a usable report to guide the decision maker in developing interview questions, validate interview impressions and comments, understanding the individual once they are hired, and how best to develop or manage their performance going forward.

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