Today, you’re going to be asked to participate in a little thought experiment: The Great Reset Opportunity. If you had to start your own business again, what would you do differently? More importantly, who would you hire all over again?

Imagining a “redo” or reset in life or business is something that you, like many others, may have already thought about casually. But, now, I want you to think about it seriously. Ready? Let’s go!

The Great Reset Opportunity–If You Had to Do It All Over Again

You’re rightfully proud of how far your business has come; every struggle has, in some way, contributed to your success. So, understandably, it’s tempting to go the romantic route, to answer, “What would you do differently?” with, “I wouldn’t change a thing!” After all, what’s past is prologue, isn’t it? It made you who you are. Why change anything at all?

However, if you suddenly had the chance to press the reset button and start your business all over again, would you actually not change anything at all? Even knowing which business decisions were wrong? Even knowing which employees and roles worked out, and which hires were huge mistakes? The more you consider it, the likelier it is you’d change something! Right?

Regrets, You’ve Had a Few…

If asked, you could probably write a book about business decisions you regret.

Maybe you rebranded your business a couple times before settling on your current name and image; maybe you only belatedly trademarked your logo, leading to customer confusion, or legal complications with competitors.

Perhaps you didn’t take advantage of social media marketing opportunities early on, or you turned down partnerships that history shows could’ve been lucrative.

Or…it could just be that you hired a salesperson who couldn’t sell, losing you a major deal.

All too often, in fact, a business owner’s biggest regrets have to do with their workforce: “If only I’d hired the right person earlier” or “If only I hadn’t put that person in charge of a major account.” What went wrong, and how can it be made right?

The Inefficiency of Outdated Hiring Practices

It used to be that owners and hiring managers would base hiring decisions on resumes, interviews, references, and even gut instinct; the use of pre-hire assessment tools wasn’t really all that common. They didn’t bother with pre-employment testing or didn’t utilize it in any meaningful way. To be honest, such an inefficient, outdated hiring process tends to produce mixed results.

In some cases, a company’s goals are missed because the wrong person was hired; in other cases, hiring the wrong person endangers a company’s future. Of course, a bad hire isn’t always disastrous; it may just prove inconvenient. Still, enough bad hires can result in a turnover rate that wastes your time and hurts your business’s bottom line.

Did it always have to be that way? No. Does it have to be that way now? No! Not with the best pre-employment testing software like Reveal!

How Pre-Hire Assessment Tools Change the Game

Think about how much time and money has been wasted on recruiting, hiring, training…and then replacing…someone who wasn’t the right fit for your company. You obviously wouldn’t hire those people again, but how could you ensure that you wouldn’t make the same mistake twice? How would you separate high-potential employees from the worst of your talent pool?

Second Guess Even Success

Let’s say you feel you’ve been blessed with a terrific workforce; you might think and wonder that what you could’ve done differently isn’t for you. Still, think about how long it took to find and hire the wonderful people you have working for you! If it was a drawn-out process, reducing your time to hire could have saved you a lot of stress, and made you more money!

As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. If you had to start your business all over again, wouldn’t you jump at the chance to be able to reduce your time to hire right from the start?

Wouldn’t it have been nice to avoid a bad hire that cost you money? What if you could have identified your highest-potential employees early on, taking full advantage of their contributions sooner?

What It Takes to Reveal High Potential Employees

Look, you can’t magically hit a “reset” button and change your past hiring mistakes; what’s done is done. However, you can change your hiring practices for the future with the help of Reveal.

Using Reveal’s competency-based pre-hire assessment tools can significantly reduce your time to hire and get the right people in the right seats. To see how to break from the past and embrace the future of pre-employment testing, get in touch with Reveal today!